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About Naswears

Naswears is a one-stop MTM platform that offers tailor-made suits and other apparel products to fashion brands and businesses. We value sustainability, ethics, and quality in everything we do. We create and share value with our customers by providing them with short and transparent supply chains and the best quality fabrics. We are also an industry-leading custom clothing manufacturer that cares about our employees and our community. We follow ethical employee practices that meet national and global standards.


Naswears is a smart garment factory that offers full-customization mode to the global textile industry. Our customers can self-design their own suits and other apparel products, and we use smart tailoring and intelligent production to deliver them in 7-10 days.


Renovation in traditional genes of enterprises, business and manufacturing, Mr. Altaf leads Naswears to a unique Management System.

From traditional clothing manufacturer to an ecological state-of-art enterprise, this band also with the custom products, goes beyondfrom Pakistan to Europe, North and South America,Australia and more!


Naswears has transformed into a first-class custom clothing manufacturer and has built the world’s largest MTM advanced custom smart factory after having been kept in exploration for 12 years, trusted and welcomed by our customers.


Born in sialkot


We tailored for formerNBA


Athens Olympic Games- The “most beautiful Olympic gold suit” became a mark of time


Entered the European and American markets, and transform into customization business


Naswears was officially established. Focused on garment customization business


Rewarded by the Pakistan Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and created a Pilot Project within the industry


Breaking the record of 250000 pieces of clothing customized annually


July 8 successfully landed on the A-share market


After covid, Naswear flexible response participated in global epidemic prevention efforts


New operation platform Naswears launched in October 2022, and company growth over 77.58%

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